X-Bionic Energy Accumulator EVO Melange Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Women\s 65204817 AW16 Elementary Top Running - IJMN235678

X-Bionic Energy Accumulator EVO Melange Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Women's 65204817 AW16 Elementary Top Running - IJMN235678

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Product Details3,552 DAYS OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT For more than 10 years we have been working on the X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator®. Each year it has performed even better. Each year the trophies we won for it piled up - today we have 15 internationally renowned design prizes, not to mention innumerable top test results. This makes us very proud, but it doesn't put an end to our ambition to make it even better. With the Energy Accumulator® EVO it's now come down to precision work. We aren't changing the entire concept, but we just hammer away on each small detail. If you optimise the single features, you end up improving the entire system. It's not about an entire revolution anymore. When it comes to functional apparel, that was already accomplished by the Energy Accumlator® .X-Bionic Energy Accumulator EVO Melange Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Running TopEnlarged 3D-BionicSphere® SystemThe 3D-BionicSphere® System at the chest with its 220% larger dimensions is designed for high-intensity physical exertion and provides for cooling.AirComplex-Zone - increased insulation to 72 cm²In the solar plexus, directly under the twelfth vertebrae of the thoracic region, important nerves receive signals that influence one's entire well-being. Our sports wear protects this sensitive area with special channels. Locked-in warm air insulates optimally in the cold. The system's structure processes excess sweat from physical activity and ensures appropriate coolness in the core.Pre-formed ElbowsOptimal fit and the highest range of motion are guaranteed due to anatomically pre-formed elbows.3D-BionicSphere® System on the backGuarantees effective ventilation so moisture is quickly wicked and transported away. No sweat means insulating air pockets in the wavelike structure protect against cold.3D-BionicSphere® System at the tailbone - enlarged to 144 cm²The 3D-BionicSphere® System at the tailbone has been enlarged by 144 cm² to be able to transport and process sweat over a larger area. This protects against chafing and sores extremely effectively.ISO-Shoulder™The wavelike structure of the ISO-Shoulder™ lies over the shoulders, keeping the body warm and guarding against chills.SweatTraps®Trap perspiration before you start to feel it. Sweat is wicked away so it can evaporate using heat dynamics. A film of perspiration - too thin to be noticeable - is left behind to cool the skin. AirConditioning Channel® with ZERO-InsulationPhysiological studies have shown that the chest area is one of the optimal zones for swift and effective ventilation. The ZERO-insulation zones function like valves as a part of the AirConditioning Channels®.Air GuidesWork like spacers and borders along the Air-Conditioning Channel® for effective air circulation. Extended ExpansionRibs™6 additional chambers. The ExpansionRibs™ of the elbow pads reveal their insulation air cushioning only in the flexed state. Your elbows won't be affected by the winter chill once the knit unfolds with its accordian principle. The flexibility of the ExpansionRibs™ and the elasticity of the yarns makes it possible to have complete freedom of movement. Your muscles won't show signs of fatigue, and they'll be better insulated.Features3D-BionicSphere System - Can store more air for insulation.AirComplex Zone - Protects sensitive areas with its insulates channels. Pre-Formed Elbows - High range of motion and optimal fit.ISO-Shoulder - Keeps the body warm and guards against chills.SweatTraps - Traps sweat before you feel it and moves it away from the skin so it can be evaporated easily. AirConditioning Channel with ZERO Insulation - Physiological studies have shown that the chest area is one of the optimal zones for swift and effect ventilation. Air Guides - For effective air circulation. ExpansionRibs - Ensuring warmth to key areas, maintains flexibility and warmth.Manufacturer product code - XBII100669G739